Aurora College reviews

Aurora College, formerly Arctic College, is a college in the Northwest Territories, Canada with campuses in Inuvik, Fort Smith and Yellowknife. They have learning centres in 23 communities in the NWT. The head office for Aurora College is located in Fort Smith.

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  1. I find the hand wringing about whether Canada is stealing away educated, skilled workers from the countries of their birth, that clearly need them, hypocritical.

    First World countries have never cared about who needs skilled people to develop national economies. If they needed a skill of a certain kind, they went after it, irregardless of how needed that skill may have been in the home country. This is true for welders, construction workers, road builders, plumbers or doctors and scientists. It’s just cheaper importing the ready made rather than training one’s own — purely economic. No one is really interested in the morality of this kind of policy.

    These days the First World is robbing the developing world of its brightest and most adventurous for its own benefit. Need IT people? Import them from developing countries who need them the most; then lament how far behind those societies are in their modernization. Same goes for tradesmen, health care workers, businessmen, entrepreneurs: all the people who add value and create economic opportunity.

    Canada: stop being so hypocritical. There is nothing moral about your immigration policy. It is all self-serving.

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